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Information Area:
You can use this area to add bits of information or links to other sites or for small pictures no wider than 150 pixels.

AllWebCo Templates are built using basic HTML. This makes it easy for you to add new features like Javascript or CGI programs.


Website Template
This template includes two picture galleries, Flash animation and a PayPal form purchasing option. The logo displayed above can be easily edited with any text editor to add your company name. All the phrases and the background letter can also be edited with Notepad. This is a sample website. Click the link at the bottom of the page to visit AllWebCo. Once you purchase an Allwebco website template, you will receive all the files you see here and all the source code used to create this template. View this page with a graphic logo.

Easy Setup
You can easily change the names and functions of each of the links on the menu to better suite your own needs. You can also easily exchange the Flash logo above with your own graphic logo by renaming one file. All AllWebCo templates come with helpful setup options so you can customize your website for your particular business without having to learn any new software. Every AllWebCo site comes with a comprehensive help page to aid you with the setup.

Setup Options
Written in simple HTML, every AllWebCo template features helpful setup options. Globally change the font sizes and colors by editing a single file as opposed to updating each page singly. Change to a graphic logo by renaming one file. Add a new link button on the menu by editing a single text file, plus other helpful options.

View the setup page

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